1. What is the meaning of ‘interlanguage ?
it is a unique linguistic system that draws, in part, on the learner`s L1, but also different
from it as well as from the target language.
2. What is the type of behaviorist learning theory?
a. Classical Conditioning
b. Instrumental or Operant Conditioning
3. What is the concept of mentalist theory of language learning?
Concept mentalist theory:
a) only human beings are capable of learning language
b) they are equipped with a faculty for this, referred to as Language Acquisition Device
c) it is the primary determinant of LA
d) input is needed, but only as a `trigger´

4. What is the meaning The concept of fossilization in SLA ?
Intrinsically related to IL that Selinker (1972) considers it to be a fundamental phenomenon of all SLA and not just to adult learners. Fossilization has received such wide recognition that it has been entered in the Random House Dictionary of the English Language (1987). Selinker’s concept of fossilization is similar to that of Tarone (1976), Nemser (1971), and Sridhar (1980), all of whom attempted to explore the causes of fossilization in L2 learners’ IL.
Fossilization has attracted considerable interest among researchers and has engendered significant differences of opinion. The term, borrowed from the field of paleontology, conjures up an image of dinosaurs being enclosed in residue and becoming a set of hardened remains encased in sediment. The metaphor, as used in SLA literature, is appropriate because it refers to earlier language forms that become encased in a learner’s IL and that, theoretically, cannot be changed by special attention or practice of the TL. Despite debate over the degree of permanence, fossilization is generally accepted as a fact of life in the process of SLA.
5. What the model of a computational of L2 acquisition?
Input – intake – L2 Knowledge – output.

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